Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Moon!!

Before the movie we had a "going away" dinner for our good friend Melanie. She and her family moved to UT so we had a little get together to say goodbye!!
Me and Michelle- I miss v.t-ing with you!!!
Lisa, Patti, Melanie and Michelle
Me and my Scentsy Sista, Staci at the movie- we got there about 3 hours early and saved about 15 seats. I'm sure I ticked a bunch of people off but darn it- you should have gotten there earlier!
Danielle finally showed up and we had some serious fun with our camera's- heck, we had like 2 hours to kill so we walked around taking pictures of silly stuff!

She didn't want any of her popcorn flavoring to go to waste!!
Danielle boosting me up closer to my Edward!
Us rubbing it in that we got tickets to a SOLD OUT show baby!!!
Give me a break- it was midnight for heaven's sake!!


This is the place where we eat every year and it's awesome. Buffet style so everyone is happy and there's no prep work or clean up involved!!!
After eating we drove over to the Great Wolf Lodge and walked around. The place was all decorated so we spent some time there walking around and playing.

My birthday cookie!!!

Good bye Honda!!


Date Night!

Throw back to the 80's!!!
A group of us got together and decided to dress up from the 80's and go roller skating. It was such a fun night!!
Randy gettin' a little squeezed!!!
Me and Emily at dinner. My hair was sooooo flammable!!!
Becca and Randy
Me and Ben- he didn't dress up (party pooper) but I sported my New Kids on the Block shirt, a waisted belt and put my hair up in a side ponytail and ratted the heck out of it!
Carrie totally rocked the "80's hair band groupie" look!!
Poor Becca needed a little help!!
All of us at dinner. We got the strangest looks from people and I'm not sure why!
Funny story (okay, not really) just after I took this picture he totally ran right into a little boy- you can kind of see him right in back of John. We all felt soooo bad!!
We are just lookin' so SWASSY!!!!
Lovin' the roller blading!!!
Emily helping Becca out in the "little kid" area!!
This cute little girl hung out with us so I skated with her for a while. She ended up totally being able to do all these tricks and was such an awesome roller skater (those are her personal pink skates!).

My Birthday

My 29th Birthday!!!
(Okay so maybe add a couple more years onto that but we all get the picture right?)
So this year my b-day fell on Thanksgiving which was nice because the whole family was together for the whole day!!!
What wasn't nice was that I had a killer sinus infection the whole holiday break but we still managed to get out to Furr's and eat our traditional Thanksgiving Lunch!
I got totally spoiled with a new phone and camera so the following pictures are of the kids trying out the new camera!!
I got the "This Is It" soundtrack (Michael Jackson) and the kids wanted to dance for us.

Colben took this picture and I think it's the cutest thing in the world of big D

What a handsome boy he is!!!