Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fun Stuff in October

So the month of October started out with Colben's School Fall Festival. The kids had a lot of fun and the school really out-did itself this year!
Colben got his hair spray painted- 2 colors!!
Danika fishing for prizes!
On our way out- kids are happy!!
Ward Trunk-or-Treat!!!
Seriously- could they be a cuter "Super Hero" couple?
It was raining outside so all the parents went to different rooms in the church and the kids got to walk around (some more than once!) and trick or treat.

Pumpkin carving contest- we don't joke around here- those are power tools you see there!

No one was going to carve this one up!!
My good friends- the Greens- they dressed up like eachother- John even shaved his legs!!
The night before Halloween (don't mind the date on the picture) we got together with some friends and walked around downtown McKinney- they have a Ghost Tour there and it's so fun.
Me and Becca!!
Collin County Prison
Actual gate they used wayyy back when. Behind is where they would hang the prisoners.
Okay so maybe some of us need some "kissy face" practice!
Some random Dinosaur with children's shoes in its mouth!
Long Story but a very funny one!!!
Danika got really sick the day before so she stayed in the car with Ben while we hurried and ate inside our friend's house. We pushed her in the stroller away from everyone while they all trick- or-treated but halfway through she told us she felt better and wanted to go out and walk around and she was a total trouper!
I swear- I have this exact same picture from last year- I don't know why I have to take the "obligitory old house" picture but I do.
Danika and Jonah- when she felt better and was walking around he stayed with her the whole time. He's so sweet!

This guy's house was totally decked out. I thought it would scare big D but she loved it!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Family Pictures

Mayo Family- 2009
Colben=7 1/2 years old
Danika=3 1/2 years old
Ben and Alexis= 10 years of marriage