Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BYU-UTAH football party

A bunch of families in the ward got together and watched the game. There were about 30 of us there and 3 of them were Ute fans. Unfortunately, they were the only ones who went home happy that night.
The food was so good- we even had a ham!!
Watching intently as the Cougs got their butts kicked!

It was also Brad Andrus's b-day so we sang to him during half time.
As soon as we pretty much knew BYU was going to lose us girls decided to get a little crazy with our cameras.
(notice the utter hatred between the blue and red fans!!)

Okay, now they're friends!!

Colben, Danika and Brennan.

Colben's result of playing barber on Danika

Colben, for some reason we're still trying to figure out, decided that he wanted to cut Danika's hair. He didn't do too bad of a job but we decided to take her into a professional to fix it.

She now has bangs.
It was just a matter of time before something like this happened. I'm just glad it was something that could easily be fixed and we didn't have to cut her hair in the back at all.


I love Twilight!!!
I didn't even know what this was all about until I went back to Utah in August and it was all the rage over there. I of course had to buy the first 2 books and see what all the fuss was about. Well I couldn't very well stop at book 2 so I had to buy the last 2 here in TX and continue reading. I was officially hooked!!
Luckily a bunch of my friends had also gotten hooked and we all met at the theater on opening day and swooned over Edward Cullen. It was so much fun to watch the movie with my good friends and fellow Twilight lovers!!

My friend, Serene came with me. I got her hooked on the books and she had just finished book 1.

We went to Chili's afterwards and giggled, took pics and ate. It was a much needed "Girlz Nite Out" for all of us!

The Twilight Gang!!

Stephen's Elementary Book Fair

Book Fair Safari!!
I'm in charge of the Book Fair for Colben's school this year and here is what it looked like. I think we did a great job at decorating.

Colben's pictures of Mom and Dad

We went to Home Depot and somehow Colben got into my camera and started taking pictures of everything. Including his parents.

9 Year Anniversary

My Beautiful Anniversary Bouquet!!
Ben always gets me the prettiest flowers on our Anniversary!
Danika wanted to play in them.
When it came time for us to exchange cards we realized we had bought eachother the SAME card!!
We went to a movie that night- some scary "Haunting" movie.
It was a great way to spend my Anniversary with my "Lover"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

9 Years & 9 Reasons

Today is my 9 Year Anniversary of being married to my hubby, Ben and I want everyone to know the top 9 reasons why I love him!!

1) He Loves Me
Despite all my faults (and I have many) he still loves me and accepts me along with all my baggage.
2) He Supports Me
He has always supported me in being a woman then a wife then a mother and now a working mother. He was the one who "gently" persuaded me to sign up with Scentsy over 2 years ago and has been my #1 Fan/supporter ever since. When I go out and do parties he never complains and is always happy to watch the children while I work. He is constantly thinking of ways to expand my business and with his background in the Direct Sales industry has a unique perspective that I don't have. Being in this business together has really strengthened our marriage and our family.
3) He Loves our Children
He is the one that gets down and dirty with them and is always cracking jokes and teaching them funny words. He spoils both of them rotten but I wouldn't have it any other way!
4) He is an extremely hard worker
No matter what his job is, he does it 100% and I contribute a lot of that to his parents who taught him the value of hard work. He sets his mind on something and won't stop until he's done. I know he will pass that onto our children to work hard and not to give up.
5) He comes from an amazing family
I got so lucky when I married Ben because I was blessed with awesome in-laws!! His parents are the greatest people and were so welcoming to me and my family when we got married. He has a brother who I love joking around with and a sister who I love chatting with.
6) He fits in with my family
I'm the youngest of 4 girls and the first one to get married so I was a little nervous on how Ben would fit in but it feels like he's been a part of our family forever. As the years go by I see a lot of similarities between Ben and my dad and it affirms to me that I chose the right man.
7) He loves the gospel
I'm so grateful that Ben went on a mission to Russia and that he holds the Priesthood. I know he has a testimony of the gospel and loves his Heavenly Father
8) He loves Motorcycles
From as early as I can remember, i've always loved motorcycles and when he said he liked them too I knew he was a keeper. I love going on Harley rides with him and traveling with the family across the country to Supercross races. Now that I have a dirt bike I can't wait for him to teach me everything he knows and how we can have a hobby to do together.
9) His sense of humor
I love it and it's sarcastic just like mine and he's able to keep up with my wierdness!
10) He's a clean freak
When we were dating I noticed his apartment was always clean and I thought he was just trying to impress me but little did I know that he hates clutter and has to have everything clean. I know I tease him about having OCD but I really do appreciate how much he does around the house. I got so lucky with this one because I never have to worry about bugging him to pick up his clothes or to help with the dishes or to clean the bathroom. He's also passing that down to our children which is great because one day (in the far future) it's going to impress another girl when Colben does it.

I was only going to write 9 reasons but I love him so much I added one more!

I will never forget the 1st day I met Ben. It was my 1st day at work and I was waiting in the lobby when he came walking around the corner and started talking to me. There was just something about him that turned my life upside down (in a good way) and i'm so glad he chose me to spend eternity with.
Happy 9 Year Anniversary Lover!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Women's Conference- Long Beach, CA

I had the amazing opportunity to attend this years' Women's Conference in Long Beach, CA.
Maria Shriver and Arnold S. (won't attempt at his last name) put it on every year for women business owners, entrepreneurs etc. There were over 20,000 women who attended and it sold out in less than 3 hours!!
There were great speakers and great topics and i'm so glad I went. I heard that they do that here in TX so i'm going to look into going to that one next year.

Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser.
Maria welcoming us all.

Rachel Ray and Valerie Bertinelli.
You can't really see it that well but this was a conversation moderated by Chris Matthews between Arnold and Warren Buffet. I only got to listen to the last 20 min. cuz it took us forever to find a parking place so we were late.
Dr. Oz, his wife and his daughter talking about ways to live your life healthier.
Maria speaking about conquering your fears and that it's not good to be "fearless" and that when you have fears that's when your character comes out and when you find that courage within yourself to overcome those fears. Very inspiring woman!!
Lucheon conversation moderated by Campbell Brown between Condelezza Rice and the CEO of Pepsi (I can't remember her name)
Was awesome to just be in the same room as these women.

I had to get front row seats for this one cuz I was so excited to hear and see from Michael J. Fox. Just being in the same room with him was emotional. Also in this forum was Russell Simmons and Laird Hamilton. It was moderated by Leeza Gibbons.
It was titles "The Men we Love who use their Voices"

They each spoke about their foundations and what they do and how you need to stand up for what you believe in.

At the end they gave out Minerva awards and the last one they gave out was to Billie Jean King.

Bono came out and spoke about his RED/ONE campaign. He's got quite the potty mouth but you can tell how passionate he is about what's going on in Africa!

To wrap things up Bonnie Raitt performed.

Me and some of my friends from Videoplus went out to dinner and then took a walk down the pier and took some pics of the Queen Mary. It was so pretty there.

Nicki and the kiddos

These were taken when we got home from Colben's school Fun Festival Carnival. I was busy helping with several things there so I didn't bring my camera but it was so fun and there were so many games to play and fun things to do- plus it was a great fundraiser for the school!!
At the booth that I was working at Colben won the very last air filled hammer- I was happy for him at the time but now i'm wishing he didn't win it at all- he has a tendency to hit everything with it cuz he knows it won't break.
Nicki came to visit/nanny/shop with me for a week while I was traveling and was able to be here for the Carnival and i'm really happy she was able to come and help out and spend time with her niece and nephew!!
Thank you Nicki for all you did while I was gone!! I had so much fun shopping with you.