Monday, April 27, 2009

Supercross SLC

Ben's VIP Supercross Experience!!
Ben had the awesome opportunity to go to SLC and get the royal treatment at Supercross!!!
He has some great friends in the motocross industry who hooked him up big time!!
He was able to do lots of cool things and meet some cool people
(not to mention kickin' Kenny Bartram's butt in raquetball!!)
Thanks to all his buddies for makin' it happen- Ben had such a great time!!
Hill climbing bike
Ben went to a party Thursday night at Ogio and they built a track outside for some electric mini bikes.
Coy Gibb- who owns the Gibb's Racing Team. 3rd from the left is Jeremy Albrecht who used to be James Stewart's mechanic. He is now the team manager for Gibb's Racing.
Ben got to go out on the track and take some pics. They had the track covered during the day because of the rain, otherwise he could have walked the track.
He got to watch the Jagermeister Freestyle Team practice.
Kenny Bartram and Mike Metzger- Ben is now BFF's with Kenny- he played raquetball with him Friday morning and kicked his trash!!
Ryan Dungey
Sat. afternoon practice
Chad Reed
James Stewart
Ben and Andy Bell- he's on Nitro Circus with Travis Pastrana and a totally funny dude.
Ben was given a Monster helmet and was walked over to Ryan Villopoto's line and had him sign it without having to stand in his long line.
Chad Reed
View from the box seats.
View from the other side of the box. Looking down into the "pit" area. His friend owns the company that sets up certain aspects of Monster Energy's tent/display.
Good ol' SLC
Opening Ceremonies

Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday Dinner

I asked Colben what he wanted for dinner on his birthday and he said "Spaghetti"
We had been at the Arts Festival and were very tired. His crown on his head is from school!

This is what was left over from his b-day party so we just put more candles on it and sang to him!
I wonder what he wished for????

Ft. Worth Arts Festival

We headed into Ft. Worth to see the Arts Festival. We've never been into the city before and it's a really cool place. Lots of really cool architecture on the buildings.
These were really cool yard decorations, the wind was blowing a little bit and the colored glass would spin around- it was so pretty!!
This looked so real I don't know why you would want that on your coffee table. They also had plates that had snakes on it. I guess it would make for a funny April Fool's Day gag or for Halloween but other than that I wouldn't want it in my house.

Walking down one of the streets was hard because of all the wind.
I stood in line, holding Danika for over 30 min. to get this kettle corn... But it was worth it!!!

Walking around Shady Shores

Nicki took the kids on a walk through some of Shady Shores finest attractions!!

Our Town Hall
Some of our back roads
Down to the local lake.

Colben's B-day- the b-day party!!

Going Bonkers!!!
That saying could be mean 2 things: Where we had his party and what his mother was feeling!!
It was complete madness in the building with so many parents and children running around!! I now know not to have his b-day EVER again on a Sat. afternoon!!

The boys got to draw on the table cloth!
Colben, Dillon, Eric and Jacob

Yeah, he lives in TX!! (Go Longhorns!!)

Danika and her Grandpa Bauer

Aunt Nicki and Big D!!

Me and my b-day boy- Ben was in Orlando but got home that night. Colben's actual b-day was the following day so he was at least home for that!!

He thought his cake was sooo cool!

Dillon gave him really cool Hot Wheels that change color in water. Eric and Jacob gave him walkie talkies that we are still playing with around the house!