Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yes folks, it does snow in Texas

Believe it or not, it does snow here!

This doesn't really look like much but this is nothing compared to what it looked like 2 days later- they actually cancelled school early and it seemed like the whole state shut down. It's funny cuz it only snowed about 6 inches but to Texas that's like having it snow 10 feet.
Looking down the other part of our front lawn towards the driveway
In front of our house.
The backyard.

Part of our roof top.

Fun with Ice Cream

You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!!!

We went to Dickey's for dinner and they have free ice cream- the kids love having their own cones to lick.
Colben loves his ice cream!!!
Oh My Gosh, could my kids be any cuter? Seriously!
Colben is the master of silly faces. Ice cream can do that to you.
She'll learn- but in the meantime she's just what her shirt says "Daddy's Darling"

Colben the Mighty Egg Hunter

Colben loves Easter!!

I had to get creative in hiding eggs just for him. I wanted him to have to really search for his eggs and as you can see, he's got eyes like an eagle!
The Easter Bunny even hides eggs in bathrooms!
Before the Hunt began
My parents sent a box full of goodies for the grandkids and these were the fun toys that came. Colben got a game where you push down on the different sports balls and they would spring up and he would catch them with his net. Danika got a pretty doll which she wouldn't put down for hours. They also got Dora and Spider Man temp. tattoos which I wasn't particularly excited about so we've had to hide those and only bring them out as rewards.

Danika the Easter Egg Hunter

Danika loves Easter!!!

She is so excited to start hunting for those eggs.
She was able to find them pretty easy.
It was too cold outside to hide them in the yard so I had to get creative and find places in the house to hide the eggs. As you can see, it wasn't easy!
The hard part for her was trying to get the eggs before Colben did.


Easter for us was a little chilly.

Danika always falls asleep on the way home from church so I just lay her on our bed for her nap. It actually worked out just fine because Ben had to stay after for about an hour to do church financial stuff. Doesn't she look so peaceful?
I made Colben stay in his church clothes just long enough for me to get 2 pictures. He usually has half his clothes off before we walk into the house. Man, he looks so grown up and handsome.
After her nap Danika was ready to go hunt for some eggs and eat some candy. It took everything in my power to make her stand still so I could take these pictures.
I was trying to get her to clap her hands to keep her busy so I could keep taking pictures.
She just looks so dainty doesn't she?

Any excuse to hang out with Friends

A group of us decided we needed a night out so we went to Chili's and celebrated Cherise Alva and Jami Bench's birthdays!

There were 12 of us there- I think we were the loudest and probably the last ones to leave the restaurant. They were very glad when we left.
Jami Bench, Lisa Crow and Carrie Baumgarten
Me, Cherise Alva and Emily Green
Kristin Myers, Lacey Crow and Danielle Andrus
This is what happens when you mix young, loud, competitive girls with a big messy cake!

Nicki's trip to Dallas!

Nicki came to Dallas for work in March and we met her and Libbie downtown for an evening of fun.

People might think Ben has 2 wives in this picture!
The kids were acting like monkeys.
I really don't know what's going on with the color in this picture but they both looked so cute I decided not to delete it.
Danika sure does love her Nicki!
Crikey- look at that beauty!

We just can't get enough of Supercross

We have an obsession with Supercross and we've been lucky enough to go to several races across the country and now that we're in Texas we can go to it 2 times a year!! The race in Irving is only 30 min. from our house so we're happy about that!

We were the first ones in the suite so we picked our seats and got ready to watch the action!
Colben, Alexis and Ryan Hughes, he used to race and now coaches other riders who have had great success under his program. Very nice guy!
Ben and Ernesto Fonseca- he used to race but crashed and is now in a wheelchair. It's kinda weird because when Supercross came to Utah I took a picture of him standing by his bike. Man, things can change really quickly in this sport.
Ben and Travis Preston. This guy is quite the character. You never know what he's going to say on the podium. We're really big fans of his. He gave us one of his practice jerseys and signed it.
Me and Travis. He's such a cool guy.


We had the awesome opportunity to get VIP tickets this year to the race so we got to go into the pits after they closed to everyone else and walk around and get autographs from some riders before the race started. We then went to our suite which OGIO had reserved. We then got to go back into the pits after the race and get even more autographs and pictures and even jerseys!!
It was such an exciting night, one that I hope Colben will remember forever!
Colben and Ernesto Fonseca- he was injured a couple of years ago and is now in a wheelchair- coolest guy!
Colben and Tim Ferry- he got his jersey signed and Tim's wife thought Colben was so cute that she had Tim come out of his rig and come talk to us- they were both very nice.
We got sick of the suite so we came down closer to the track to watch the finals. Colben was trying to show how "bad" he looked in his hat.
If any of you watch "The Life of Ryan" on MTV you'll know who this is- it's Gretchen, Ryan Schekler's mom and manager- she sat right next to me in the suite and was very nice.
Our view from the suite- it was nice but a little too far away from all the action.

Grandma Mayo's Funeral

Ben's Grandma on his father's side passed away recently, she was 98 and lived a very wonderful life. We made the drive to Longview, TX (about 2 1/2 hours away)They had a very sweet memorial service for her and then we went to the church building in nearby Gilmer for lunch. It was great to be able to catch up with some of his cousins and meet new ones. It was also a wonderful opportunity to take pictures of the whole family.