Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy LOVE Day!!!
Ben and I originally had dinner plans at this restraunt but had to change them to lunch because Colben had an indoor soccer game that night.
We ate at Texas de Brazil. It's one of those places where the men walk around with different meats and they cut it off for you if you've got a green thing on your table. It was sooo yummy and the place was so posh and beautiful. It's nice to spoil yourself sometimes!!
For some reason I forgot to ask our waiter to take our picture- oh yeah, I was stuffing my face the whole time!!
I did manage to take this pic of Ben. The bright thing in back of him was a huge floral arrangement with the salad bar going around it.
It was such a pretty place I told Ben we have to go back again soon- maybe in June for his B-day!!
I can always count on very pretty flowers when I wake up on my b-day, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day- Ben never lets me down!!

I wanted a picture of me with my pretty flowers so I took this myself!!

Like I said before- Colben had his indoor soccer game that night so I thought i'd include it on this post since technically is was on Valentine's day!!
He's on the Texas Striker's team (Ben is the coach and we got to choose the team name and color of jersey) He's loving it and learning alot!!

Two Peas in a Pod
Baby Shower for Melissa Hall
My friend, Melissa is having twin girls (bless her heart) so the ward threw her a shower with the theme being Two Peas in a Pod.
This was the cake that was made so I had to hurry and take a pic before they cut it.
How cute is that???
Her Sweet Loot- I couldn't stay the whole time but it was fun watching her open all her gifts and see the matching little girl outfits!!
She got tons of diapers as well!!!

Please forgive me but I can't remember whose present this was but she actually made the bow- how cool is that?
Good Friends- good to see you again Kim!!
The girls playing a game where a plastic baby was in the middle of an ice cube and we had to melt it down for the baby to come out. It's called "My Water Broke"

We then had to play another game where we all had to blow up 2 balloons and stick them up our shirt, we then had to pop them without using our hands. The ways people were thinking of were hilarious!! I love ya Flor!!
Lori and Troy were such good sports!!

Oh look, Patti is having twins!!!
Everyone had a great time at the shower. I felt bad that I couldn't stay the whole time but I love how much our ward supports eachother!!!
Michelle Brock trying to pop her balloon.
The last game we played was a memory game and as they took off the numbers when somebody had a match it inveiled what her twin girl's names are going to be.

Very Superstitious

Friday the 13th....
Very Superstitious!!!
Some friends of ours hosted a Very Superstitious party. We split into groups and had a list of superstitions and underneath was something we had to do that related to that superstition. The catch? We each had a camcorder that we had to film what we had to do.... Some things we had to do in public places which made for some interesting reactions from customers at Lowe's and for some people getting a stern warning that they can't film inside WalMart!!
Some things were really embarrassing and other things were just silly and we had fun with it.
All in all, we had a great time and as always, there was an amazing turnout!!!
Eating food after arriving back at the house after completing our tasks.
I know these aren't the best shots but I wanted you to see how many people there were!
One of the 3 teams- I tried to get my team together but couldn't find everyone.

If you ever see this person, do NOT let him take your camera for even just a second. This was not the only picture I found on my camera of this man-I just posted this one so you could all get a good look at him!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
I ate lunch with Colben during the afternoon and then stuck around to help out in the office checking people in as they came to classroom parties.

I bought the kids matching shirts that say "Heart Breaker"
Colben and one of his classmates who was also eating lunch with her mom.

Colben and his teacher, Ms. Kelch.
Grandma Mayo helped Colben make his Valentine's box while I was at my scrapbook retreat. She did such a great job. Colben loved it!!

While I was helping check people in, Danika spent lots of time in the nurse's office helping Nurse Beck take care of lots of kids with belly aches. She and Nurse Beck love eachother!!

Danika's 3rd Birthday!!!
Of course we had to go play some games at Chuck E Cheese because I got an email for 20 free tokens so we headed out and had us some fun!!!

When we were done there we came back home and had some cake and ice cream.

We love Princess's!!!

Funny story about the cake:
So I go to pick it up and Danika wants to hold it, I explain to her that she can't walk anywhere with it but that she can just hold it for one second. I show her the proper way to hold it and she does it right but she squeezed the side too hard in her arm and the bottom popped out and it fell on the floor. I stood there for a second thinking "that seriously didn't just happen- holy crap!!" Luckily, we were really close to the floor so it didn't get damaged that bad and I was able to quickly pick it up and luckily there wasn't a lot of people in the bakery department to witness this. We went to go checkout and I was explaining to the woman my situation and she took the cake back over the bakery to see what they could do. Unfortunately the lady who makes the cakes had already left for the day but there were some girls there who felt bad so they all tried to help re-mold and put some more icing back on to make it look better than it did before.
I can't believe the customer service I got from WalMart but they really did go above and beyond what they needed to do and I am so grateful for it.
I really didn't want to make a big deal out of it because it was just going to get eaten anyway and it was for a 3 year old so I knew she wasn't going to care. And I knew I was the only one to blame for the cake falling in the first place because I let my 3 year old hold it!!!
It looked fine and tasted fine even after being on the floor of a Walmart can you believe it? and because of the fact that I let my family eat cake from off the floor- I'm nominating myself for "MOM OF THE YEAR" award for the week!!)

Danika getting on top of the table to blow out her 3 candles.

One of her many princess presents!

I put some un-wrapped presents inside her rolling backpack.

For Christmas we got her a Fisher Price dollhouse so for her birthday we got her more furniture for the house. They didn't have a great selection at the store so I got her a dog house and she LOVES it and plays with it all the time.

More furniture for her house.

We love you Danika and hope you had a Magical Birthday!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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