Sunday, October 26, 2008

NKOTB concert- Dallas


In 1990 I got to see the New Kids on the Block when I was 12 at the Marriott Center in Provo, UT and 18 years later I got to see them again in Dallas, TX- am I lucky or what?
The best part was at the last minute Ben's cousin, Jaime was able to come and it was so fun to relive that experience with such a good friend who loves the New Kids just as much as me!
Before the concert in Victory Square in front of the arena.
loving the shirt that my friend Rachel made!

A radio station had cardboard cut outs of the band and so we picked out favorite and stood next to them- I've always loved Jonathan (as you'll be able to tell from all my pictures of him down below)

This will be the closest that i'll ever get to doing the real thing!
A girl can dream right?

These were only the first of many fans we saw who dressed from the 80's- Oh, it brought back so many fashion memories- some good, some bad!!

We met our friend Ginny there and Jaime bought her souvenir shirt.
We're the Scentsy Ladies!!!

This was taken to show how close we were.
Me and Rachel before the concert started.

Me and Rachel resting while Natasha Bedingfield performed. We needed to rest up our dancing feet and save our voices for the boys!!

I am sooo glad that Jaime came--- I called her literally at 10:45 that morning to tell her that one of the girls who was supposed to come was sick so the ticket was hers. She thought I was kidding at first but then just started screaming.

Me with Heather and Carmen.

When the band first came out. Unfortunately this is when I realized that being 5"3 is NOT a good thing. There was a lady in front of me that brought a collapsable stool that looked like a good idea at the time until she stood on it and started waving this obnoxious green glow stick. Well I tried telling her to put the stick down and she completely ignored me so I promptly found a security guard and told him that she was standing on a stool so he came over and made her take it apart and put it under her seat
I'm sorry but when it comes to the New Kids- the gloves come off people!!!
Oh how we love Joey Joe!!
What hotties!

Kinda a cool shot of the big screen in back of the stage- sometimes it was the only way I could see what they were doing. If they for some wonderful reason come back next year (let's all start praying) I don't think i'll be purchasing floor seats!

Halfway through the concert they left the stage and appeared on this rotating stage with a piano on it. Lucky for us our seats were really close to this stage and we knew when to make a b-line for it. I was basically in the front row and got some great pics. I also got to touch everyone's hands except Danny!!! It made having floor seats totally worth it!!
This is for all those Jordan fans out there! Enjoy!

Jonathan making sure he was all belted up.

Donnie singing.... When I zoomed in on this picture his eyes were totally looking at me-- too bad it wasn't Jonathan!!


The man could be a model!!

Just gettin' down with their bad selves. They sang 3 songs from the stage and it was awesome.

Jordan pondering the meaning of life with cutie Jonathan in the background.


Jordan came out and sang 2 songs from when he went solo.

He must have lost the buttons from his shirt- dang!!!
Oh well, he made the best out of the situation and just kept on singing!!
Thank you Jordan for not letting that get in the way- we all very much appreciated it!!

They make white look good!!!

Just so we can have it on record that we were there!!!

They're sooo singing just to us!!

In almost all my pics I zoomed in but I wanted one that showed exactly how close/far we were. This is taken exactly where our seats were. Kinda cool!

Them saying bye to everyone.

Ummmm- guys, i'm over here!!!

Doing some sort of huddle!!

This is how we felt (and still feel) about the concert being over!!!
Please come back next year!!

My friend bought the concert program they were selling there and my friend Rachel was going through it on the way home and I made her take the pictures of Jonathan cuz they were amazing. I think I might see if anyone is selling one on Ebay!!
Seriously, could he get any hotter?
I'm so glad I could go to the concert again- It was so fun to look around and see all the homemade shirts that girls had made. Here are some of them:
"Before there was my husband there was Jordan"
"Before there was N'Sync, there was NKOTB"
"Hangin' Tough Fan Club- est. 1984"
Thank you Ben for "Hangin' Tough" and for dealing with my post adolescent craziness "Step by Step". And for actually liking some of their songs! I've been playing the CD non stop since Sept. so thank you for "Lovin' me Forever".
"You've got the Right Stuff" Ben!!

Bubbles anyone?

Would you like any water with those bubbles?

Texas State Fair- year 2

We LOVE the Texas State Fair!!
The reason for the title saying Year 2 is because it's our second year living here and going to the fair. It's really a must-go-to event. You pretty much have to save up for a year to have a great time and do lots of rides, games and of course, the food!!

I had to take a picture of my dinner- I can't remember what these are called but it's basically a potato all cut up swirly lookin'- it looks like an apple but it was yummy!! I'll make sure to order this next year!

My hottie of a hubby!!
Look at those eyes- Am I right ladies?

I guess they do a parade every night and we were lucky enough to be walking down the street that it's on so we stopped and enjoyed the different floats and dancers. Danika didn't even try getting out of her stroller, she was mesmorized and was dancing along to the music.

They had a water fountain so the kids wanted to throw pennies in there.
I thought "what a perfect picture moment!"

Of course, you have to get the "BIG TEX" picture!!

The huge Ferris Wheel!! A must do!!

The kids being silly- Colben is trying to teach Danika how to go cross-eyed and stick your tongue out in every picture.....

Me and the kiddos on the ferris wheel- Danika was barely under the height requirement to get on free- it'll be our last year to not have to pay for all 4 of us!!

The view from almost the top of the ferris wheel. Colben started telling us all the rides he wanted to go on from up here.
He's mine, All mine!!
Danika really wanted to go on the Merry Go Round and I get sick just watching it so that job is officially Ben's- I could only take a couple of pics and then I had to turn my back so I wouldn't throw up!!
She would wave to us every time she came around!
I was so proud of Colben for doing this- it was really tall and he walked all the way up (it took him about 2 min. to get all the way to the top) and rode it down. This was the only shot that turned out!
Danika saw the giant bears and immediately wanted to get in- she didn't even know what kind of a ride it was. She is our little dare devil and just hopped right in with a bunch of girls. She loved it and was happy she got to be in the pink bear.
At night Ben has to wear his glasses so he can see. I had to take a pic of them cuz I think they're so sexy.
I wish he would wear them all the time!
My finger was covering part of the flash. My attempt at getting a shot of the two of us and not causing an accident on the freeway!