Monday, September 22, 2008

Sally Foster Fundraiser for Colben

This is my first year having a child old enough to participate in school fundraisers and Colben is really excited about it.
I didn't really know that much about Sally Foster and from what I had heard about it- it sounded like it was nothing but wrapping paper and I thought to myself "I can just buy that stuff at the dollar store" but I found myself making little notes throughout the catalog of everything I wanted because all the stuff is super cute and the best thing about it------ nothing in the catalog is over $20.00!!!
There are tons of things in the catalog/online other than just wrapping paper- there are organizational helps, mini scrapbooks, coupon books, kitchen items and chocolates!!!
I've set up an account online so all you out-of-towners that want to order can log on to and start shopping- make sure to enter in his school's account number to make sure he gets the credit- 939439. His school gets 50% of your purchase.
The fundraiser ends on the 10th of October so please go online and check it out.
Please know that I normally wouldn't solicit for this kind of stuff but we're a new school that needs a lot of help. I'm also on the PTA (Book Fair chairperson) and I see things a lot differently now that i'm on this side of the fence!!!
Thanks in advance for all of your support!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How we "Weathered" Ike

I just wanted to let you all know that Ike had nothin' on us here in North Texas.
I was never really worried about us being in the path of the storm but my parents kept calling (mostly my mom- love ya Connie!) so I couldn't help but sit in front on the TV and watch the weather to make sure we would be okay so I could calm my poor mother!!
On Friday it was actually quite nice but as night approached it got cloudy and a little windy. Ben and I stayed up until midnight watching CNN/MSNBC/Fox News because we just wanted to know what was happening- We woke up Saturday morning to it being very dark, overcast and windy. It would rain just a little bit and then stop, then start again but nothing serious. Colben had a soccer game that afternoon which got cancelled (we were even in charge of snacks!)
It ended up being just a normal Saturday for us- running errands, taking naps, eating and watching the Cougs whoop on UCLA!! It rained on and off throughout the day but it was nothing worse than any other storm we've had.
Ben had the opportunity to volunteer at the Bishops Storehouse in Carrollton on Friday after work for about 3 hours working on an assembly line putting different sacks and cans of food in big boxes. There were about 60-70 people on the line, each putting something different in the box. He commented that it was truly the spirit that was helping it along because everyone was working so hard and so fast and it easily could have gotten crazy but it was all so organized and efficient. I was so proud of him for volunteering- he was excited to do it!
Yesterday as I was coming back from taking Danika to the dentist office I counted 16 electrical trucks that were heading south- all from the same company so i'm hoping they were on their way to the Houston/Galveston area. Very impressive to see them all driving right in a row- one behind the other.
As I watch the news/internet about the damage down there I can't help but think back to our first Thanksgiving living here in TX- we went down to Houston to be with Ben's parents who were there. We took a day trip to Galveston and played in the beach, walked up and down the main street area where all the tourist shops and restraunts are and now I don't know if they are even there anymore. It's wierd to have a somewhat personal connection to a place where such a terrible thing has happened.
This type of stuff just doesn't happen in UT and I don't wish it on anyone but i'm very grateful that we live north enough to not have to evacuate and worry about our home not being there when we're allowed back.
Anyway- just wanted you all to know we're just fine and we're still dry up here!!