Thursday, January 22, 2009

Danika my Darling, Dress-up Diva

My friend Patti gave me some dress ups for Danika and one day it was really quiet upstairs and just as I was about to go up there to make sure everything was okay, I hear the clank, clank of dress up shoes on the floor. I peek around the corner and this is what I see!!
She's got her princess keys in her hand, her princess purse with "make-up" inside on her other arm, her princess jammies and then a "dress up" dress on over it!! A girl can't very well go anywhere without princess shoes on and her crown!! Completing the outfit, she's got her Diego hat on over her crown!!

Without the hat on so you can see her pretty crown.

I love my little Diva!!

New Years in Rome!!!

Rhome, Texas that is!!!
Our Friends, the Alva's, were house sitting for some friends of theirs and asked if we would like to come over and celebrate New Years with them.
It was a log-cabin type home out in the country.
We had a lot of fun!!

Cherise bought a Gingerbread House Kit so the kids had lots of fun decorating.

The finished product!!

They also had a bonfire pit so we went outside and had smores.
Ben and Matt.

The kids kept bumping into eachother jumping on the tramp in the dark but they still had fun.

Colben enjoying his smore!

The kids getting warm by the fire.

Christmas 2008

For our Family tradition, we go to a movie on Christmas Eve, this year we went to "The Tale of Desperaux" it was really cute.
Ben with the kids leaving the theatre.
When we got home the kids opened up their traditional Christmas Eve present. Of course it was Jammies!!

Colben really wanted to leave Santa a letter along with some cookies and Dr. Pepper

Close up of his letter along with a friendship rock he got a school. Santa really loves his rock!

Our Fireplace with the stockings hung with care!

Christmas morning. Danika opening up her books that the Book Fair Santa brought.

Colben got cool jets that you make fly by stepping on the round disk his hand is on.

The first of 4 Barbies

Yipee- Tattoos!!
(insert sarcasm)
Now I have to find a place to hide these, otherwise the kid will be covered in them!!

My sister, Danielle put this pretty frame together. They are pictures of Danika and Tatum.
Love it!!

Ben got this car vinyl from Danielle and Chan- I don't know where it will go since our car is already decked out in Scentsy vinyls!!!

Danika's pretty, pink pile of presents!!

Colben's large lego-y loot!

6-pack, here I come!!!

The kids after a hard day of playing!!

Me and my Dirt Bike

Mamma's Gettin' Dirty!!!
That's right, Mamma has her own dirt bike!!