Monday, March 31, 2008


Ben and I are on a co-ed softball team sponsored by VideoPlus and it's sooo fun. We had our 1st games last Thursday and we should have won the first one but we didn't so that just fired us up for the 2nd game. We won the 2nd one 16-1 and it was soo much fun. I did manage to get a hematoma on my thigh though- I was running to 1st base and the shortstop threw the ball to the girl playing 1st and it tipped off her mitt- hit her in the face and then hit me! Very odd but she was okay and so was I so the game continued. I would post pics from my leg but I don't want to gross any of you out!!
We play on Thursday nights and they only have 4 fields so sometimes we'll have games at 10:00 at night- man, it sure makes for a long night and a very painful morning trying to get Colben up for school!
All I know is that I desperately need to get my butt to the batting cages!!
I'll try and get someone to take some pics of us out on the field and get them up here.
I play 3rd base and Ben plays Center field!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Scentsy Directors Retreat in Boise!

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the annual Director's Retreat up in Boise at the beginning of January- it was a chance to meet other Director's and get some great ideas and motivation on how to build my team and hear from our President, Orville.Me and Adie Mitchell- she is the COOLEST chic ever- we became fast friends and I can't wait to see her at Convention!
Me and one of the founders of Scentsy, Colette Gunnell- she was soooo nice.
The Magnificent Orville Thompson- Owner of Scentsy and just all around great guy!
Me and Dini Moorhouse- she was one of the 1st consultants with Scentsy and is just a really neat lady- just by being around her you get motivated and walk away just feeling better about yourself.
Right as I was about to leave I caught Orville's wife, Heidi, taking out the trash and thought "Why is the owner's wife taking out the garbage?" But that goes to show you how great of a company this is and how wonderful Heidi and Orville really are!

Our Crazy Kids!

Good grief she's cute!
Colben and his funny faces just crack us up!
I'm really not sure what he was trying to do behind my back but i'm sure it wasn't good.
When Nicki came into town we went out to eat and we finally got a picture of all of us!

The kids out riding their bikes- Danika loves the tricycle but we can tell she's ready for a "big" bike. She also loves the motorcycle!

Our Boat cruise on the Riverwalk in San Antonio

We took a boat cruise down the river and it was so cool to learn about the history of the area and the buildings.
Their version of the Space Needle,
Church that was built by the Germans. It was very pretty and makes me want to go to Germany even more.

Old Theatre.

Our Christmas trip to San Antonio

The Stars at Night are Big and Bright....Deep in the Heart of Texas (My ode to Pee Wee)
The kids in front of the Alamo

We went to Sea World and it was awesome- I think I had as much fun as the kids!- this was at the Penguin Exhibit- very cool!

Shamu was the greatest!!

Colben's Day at the Dentist

Oh how we love the laughing gas!

Man that's a lot of tubes for such a little guy- they had to make sure his blood pressure and heart rate were good throughout the procedure- whenever Colben doesn't want to brush his teeth all I have to do is show him these pictures and that's reason enough!

More of Danika's Big Day!

She's trying to show us that she is turning 2


Danika's Big day!

We took this picture the morning of her birthday!

Danika's 2nd Birthday

Danika didn't quite know what to make of her cake- she liked hearing us sing to her but didn't know what to do when we told her to blow out her candles!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome to our Adventures!

I'm really excited to start this blog! Ever since moving to Texas I've wanted to somehow keep everyone posted on how we're doing and what we're doing! This is the perfect way!
We moved to Texas in July of 2006 and at first I wasn't really sure I liked it here but the longer we're here the more I love it!
I am a stay at home mom but i'm also a Director for an awesome company called Scentsy- we offer wickless, matchless candles that are not only safe but really add to the decor of any room! If you would like more information about this unique product and a unique business please visit my website:!
Ben works at a great company called VideoPlus and stays very busy.
We have 2 wonderful children, Colben who is almost 6 and Danika who just turned 2.
We love to play ping pong, ride motorcycles and I love to read and scrapbook!
Colben loves to play soccer, play video games and he just learned how to ride his little 50 motorcycle all by himself!
Danika just wants to do everything that Colben does but man am I going to have my hands full with her!
Please enjoy our new Blog!!