Saturday, December 20, 2008

Disney World- Day 1

Our Family Vacation to Disney World
Dec. 13th-20th
Day 1- Magic Kingdom
The entrance to all the fun!!!
Let the Magic Begin!!
The entrance to the Magic Kingdom- the train station is right above us.
Statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse with Cinderella's Castle behind.
(Like Colben's glasses? They're mine but the sun was in his eyes!)
Colben trying to get the sword out of the stone!
Going into Minnie's House
Smaller replica of Minnie's house
Mickey's House.
We got on the train that took us all the way around the park.

They had a parade in the middle of the day so we stopped and watched all the floats go by.
Danika called these the "Bad Guys" float.
Cinderella, her Prince and her Fairy Godmother.
Beauty and the Beast.
Tom Sawyer Island.

Walking over the bridge to the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.
They had a short production in front of the castle where all the princess' came out with their prince's and danced.
The castle would turn different colors and then this huge firework went off but it was the only one.
Looking back towards Main Street with all the Christmas lights up.
We met up with the Bangerter Family later that night and had probably our only real nutritious meal for the whole week- Subway!!!

Disney World- Day 2

I can't remember the name of the ride but it's the one that goes inside the Epcot ball- yea, we did it like 3 times. We loved it.
When you sit down there is a screen in front of you. It has you click on where you live and then towards the end of the ride it asks you a bunch of questions. You get to create your own future depending on your answers. It even includes your picture that they take at the beginning of the ride. It gets funner each time you do the ride.

I took pics of the little screen when it told me what our future was going to be like.
That's Colben and I in our flying machine.
We're totally #1!
You then can send your picture over the email to anyone you want. It then appears on a huge screen above you. I took this one of me and Colben in our space suits.
The Nemo Ride!!!
Danika loves Nemo!!!
Colben likes it too!!
This is called "World Showcase" and it's basically about 11 different contries right next to eachother that surround a huge lake. You can just walk from one to the other and experience what it would be like to visit. This is Canada. I'm not sure if this is a representation of the castle in Banff but if so- I hope to be going there for real in June!!!
(courtesy of Scentsy!)
The United Kingdom.
There was a pretty bridge you cross into Paris.
These guys played awesome!!
Overlooking the water to the Epcot ball.
(this made me want to go back to Washington, DC. and Virginia!)
We ate inside the America building and they had a genuine Gingerbread House and this is what it took to make it.
At each country the kids could make a mask and when going from country to country they had to find where to get little paper things to attach to their mask. Each country had something to attach that was unique to their country. We didn't know this until we were already 1/2 way through so the kids didn't get a lot of things.

There was this cool little train display in front of Germany. The kids followed it everywhere it went.
The family in front of Germany. I took more pics here than any other country- i'm a little biased but hey- what can I say? I'm a Bauer and proud!!!
The kids saw this little Elephant and they had to get on!
Honey I shrunk the audience 3-D show.
Outside the show they had these dancing water spouts and Colben got drenched. It took me about 5 min. to time the picture just right.
Colben took this of the ball!
This is a really pretty walkway between the World Showcase and the rest of the park. They would have the lights choreographed to the Christmas music that would play.
This is looking down one way towards the Epcot ball.
This is looking down the other way towards the Christmas Tree.