Thursday, April 15, 2010

Matt & Cherise's Birthday Party

Our good friends in the ward combined their birthdays and had a big party at their house. They had Rock Band, Dance Dance Revolution and board games to play and lots of yummy food!!
Everyone had such a great time!!

I'm sure they're singing a N'Sync song (oh wait, if they were I should be in there too!)

Me and Nellie- she's such a goof, I had no idea she made this silly face!!
shake what your mamma gave you!!!
Some of the ladies headed upstairs to play a little DDR!!!

The beginnings of the best ward band ever!!!
Love me some Danielle!!
The band went through some changes and growth.
And that included adding the Bishop on the bass!!
Evan the wannabe Hair Band guitarist--- he does have a groopie though so that's pretty cool!!

Did I mention that we had such a fun time playing Rock Band that Ben brought it home a couple of days later and our band name is the Mayo Mulisha!! We ROCK!!!
(Colben on drums, Ben on Bass and Alexis the lead singer, Danika on occasion dances)

The Circus

The Circus came to town!!!!

The first thing Danika wanted to do was ride on the camel!! The girl has no fear!!

Colben being Colben; all he wanted to do was go down the bouncy slide!

Before the show started.. we could basically sit anywhere we wanted so we thought these would be great seats!

He's blindfolded people- now that's real talent!!
This guy was so flexible it hurt just watching!
He was able to put his whole body in this box. He also was able to put his whole body through a tennis racket (without the strings of course!)
I thought this was going to be A LOT cooler than it was. Basically the guy rode the bike across the wire (there was NO way the bike was going to fall off or anything) and some lady sat on a bar.
It got a little better....
He then did some tweaks to his bike and started swinging from side to side until he went completely around... that got a smile from Colben.
The flying trapeze... this was actually kinda cool!

Let me preface this by saying I have mixed feelings about the whole "animal abuse" issue. I did feel bad for the elephants but do I think they're being abused?? I don't know.
I guess for now i'll just have to take the stance of it being entertainment for my children.

Danika really wanted to ride the little horsies so we did that on the way out.
As we left the fair grounds there were a bunch of people with their picket signs complaining that those that paid for the circus were actually financially helping the abuse of circus animals. The kids saw this and the ride home was spent by me trying to explain how some people feel that animals shouldn't be in circus's and that they're sometimes abused....The whole concept was completely lost on them and i'm okay with that!!!

Easter Sunday

Ben bought goodies for the kids and their grandparents had sent them cute cards.

Danika wanted her egg hunt to be inside and Colben wanted his to be outside so while I hid the eggs for Danika inside Ben went outside and hid Colben's eggs.

Ben got really creative!!

After the hunts the kids opened their packages and it was a chocolate covered waffle cone with yummy chocolate eggs inside- it looked like a nest!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Love for all things Motorcycles!!

The day before the race I took the kids to a bike dealership in town to get some riders' autographs and we brought along some stuff to have them sign that we've had in our game room. We had a fender from Ryan Dungey so he signed that along with posters (that he personalized with the kids' names- even Danika!) we had him sign a Rockstar Energy drink too!! He has offically replaced Ricky Carmichael as my favorite rider- he's soooo nice and is a great rider!
He won the race the next night too!!
Ryan Sipes
Blake Baggett- he won the Lites class the next night so kinda cool that the kids got their picture taken with him and autograph!!
We invited our great friends, the Ryters, to come with us so I had to get a pic of the boys watching the race!!
This was the first race at the new Cowboy Stadium so a lot of the riders had on Cowboy jerseys. This is Ryan Villapoto coming out as they announced him.
We had some great hook-ups that allowed us to go into the pits after the race so we braved the weather (it was a blizzard) and walked around. We brought a front number plate from Ivan Tedesco's bike that we got last year and we were lucky enough to catch him and get it autographed. This is Colben in front of his bike.
Colben and Ivan- he's a lot shorter than I though he would be.