Friday, June 26, 2009

Scentsy Incentive Trip to Banff

Awesome trip to Canada!!!
I earned a great trip to Banff, Canada with Scentsy and I actually earned enough points for Ben to come too!
His cousin (my first recruit) Jaime also earned the trip so she was our 3rd wheel but the 3 of us had so much fun together!!

(I purposefully did the pics small so if you want to see them larger, just click on it)
Arriving in Calgary- we then loaded onto really nice buses that took us to Banff (abt. 2 hour drive)
Where a lot of the events from the Winter Olympics '88 took place.
We're finally here!!
We had a semi-formal dinner that night and of course we had to get the picture with the Mounties!!
Is this awesome or what?
Jaime and me.
Me and Ben
The hotel reminded me of Hogwarts.
Totally made you feel like you were in a castle.
This picture is to show you where our "ghetto" room was- it was the bottom left window. Our whole room was probably the same size as my whole kitchen.
We didn't want to complain because it was free!
Totally LOVE this picture- looking out the backside of the hotel.
Looking down Main St. where all the fun shopping is!
Castle Mountain.
How beautiful is this????
Me in front of "Crow Glacier"
There used to be one more "finger" under the two that are still there.
Showing the different colors in the water.
Ben and I actually saw some of this glacier fall-our tour guide was amazed we saw it happen. He said it's really rare.
The Wailing Wall
Getting on a big motorized machine that would take us out onto a glacier.
We had just come down that path- felt like rock crawling in Moab!
Me and Ben standing on a glacier!
Ben and the Monster Machine!!
Me and Ashley Knight
Painful story: I wasn't watching where I was standing to get the pic taken and my left foot totally went right into a hole of water. It hurt so bad my first instinct was to cry- but not before trying to smile for the picture- When we got back to the souvenir shop I had to buy $8 Canada socks that I'll never wear again!!
The 2nd brown bear we saw.
The 3rd bear!
The most amazing sight!!
They have these really cool overpasses just for animals- it's cut down on roadkill by 95%
Dinner at Boston Pizza- it was sooo good!
Downtown Banff
Cave & Basin- The birthplace of Canada's national park system.
(Man, it stunk!!)
Banff Hot Springs Bathing Pool- it was popular back in the day but people wanted something hotter to soak in so they had to go higher up the mountain.
Warm mineral spring that is home to the Banff Spring Snail which is endangered. It's no larger than an orange seed.
Ben goofing off in the museum. Doesn't he just fit in?
Ben and his new BMF (Best Male Friend)
Inside a mall in Banff- in each corner is a skier!!!
Old School skis
Newer skis
Goofin' with Jaime
We had a Western Night complete with a BBQ, fire pit and dancing. I wore my boots, a plaid shirt and my hair in braids!! It was really fun.
This is Amanda who I met while shopping and we became super good friends!
Me and Lyndsee Bates.
Casie, me and Adie
Ben about to chow down on some grub!!
Right in the middle of dinner a bunch of rowdy outlaws came bustin' in and took our President hostage- a fight ensued and the good guys won--- whew!!
One of the bad guys even tried hiding behind a lady at our table- he even tried switching hats with her.
What a bunch of crazies!!
Me & Ben with Orville & Heidi Thompson- they are amazing people!
Me with Collette Gunnell (one of the founders of Scentsy) and Angie Williams- we got to be really good friends by the end of the trip!!
Me and my softball buddy, Sherrie Gibson!
Trying to do kissey faces.
See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil!
A really cool waterfall Ben discovered.
On our way from Banff back to Calgary we stopped at Nakota Lodge for lunch- they had some neat animals outside you could get pics with.
The view outside our hotel in Calgary- it was a lot nicer than our view in Banff!
Downtown Calgary- it was a really clean, fun city!
The front of our hotel in Calgary.
Our last night. Me, Adie, Amanda and Jaime!!
We had a 5 course meal and this was served right in the middle- I guess it's your "cleanse your palate" course?
A guy actually sat down the night before and made these using a drummel.
I really wanted to take it home with me!!
Me and Ben!
(It was actually his b-day so I hope he had a great day)